Our goal on Vegasgamers is to make you become even more successful in online games. No matter if you are playing on your smartphone, tablet, PC or your gaming console. We got tips and tricks for every possible game out there. New and unknown games, but also real popular and old games, which have been around for several years.

As you may know our hacks and cheats are making it possible for you to avoid microtransactions. Vegasgamers is one of the most legit websites when it comes to cheating and hacking online games. All of our tools are completely in english. However, today we want to show you an alternative website, which is completely in german. Same as on Vegasgamers the website called „Atari-Gamer“ is offering tools like the online generator to generate free items and virtual currencies. If you got friends or family in Germany you should definitely tell them to check it out.



Here is a small list of online hacks, which are available on Atari-Gamer:


And many other popular games. It is by far the best german speaking website when it comes to hacking mobile, console and PC games. It doesn’t matter if you need coins, points, gems, elixir, gold or any other virtual currency. Basically you can find everything on Atari-Gamer.de. Another great aspect is all of the tools are working online. You don’t need to download any modificated application. This also means you don’t need a jailbreak or root on your smartphone or tablet. If you got the specific game you want to hack on your smartphone, you can simply search for it on Atari-Gamer or on Vegasgamers and use the online hack. By the way, same as we do, they got a Facebook page, which will update you with the latest news. They also got a live support, which will help you 24/7. It is definitely worth it checking it out.

If you didn’t find any cheats or hacks for your favorite game we kindly ask you to comment on this post and name the specific game. We are always looking forward to help you becoming even more successful and to save lots of real money. We wish you lots of fun with our hacks!


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