Are you ready to download the Pokemon X Rom available in many different languages? You can simply mount the file in the 3DS Emulator and start playing directly on your PC, iOS or Android device!

Download Pokemon X Rom

Get the Pokemon X Rom and the Pokemon Y Rom now for free! Tired of spending your money for 3DS games? Well, here is the perfect solution! On Vegasgamers we are offering the Pokemon X Rom for free. You can choose between the Pokemon X Rom and the Pokemon Y Rom.

You are a great fan of the Pokemon games? Did you also play almost all Pokemon games like Pokemon Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Smaragd, Pearl, Diamond and so on?
If not, now is the perfect moment to start!

Running Emulator is actually not surprising. On Vegasgamers we are also offering the PS4 Emulator beside the new DS Emulator. With those tools you can easily play any game you want directly on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Recently you can watch a lot videos of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on Youtube and also on Vimeo, because there are so many Lets Player who are actually playing this fantastic game. They are using the 3DS Emulator too and downloaded the Pokemon X rom from this website as well. Some of them also have the link of our website in their video description.

Just check it out and have fun playing the game. I forgot to tell you the most important thing: The Pokemon X Download is completely for free! Time for you to play it everywhere you want at any time. You don’t need to buy the game and you also don’t need to buy the Handheld anymore. It is by far the easiest solution when it comes to playing Pokemon X or Y on your smartphone, tablet or PC.


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