With the release of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team everyone has to start over again! Your player and coins from FUT 17 won’t be transferred to FUT 18. The FIFA 18 Coin Generator is the perfect solution for this problem!

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Lets say there has never been an easier way to generate free FIFA 18 coins and points for your console and PC. These items are indeed the most important currencies in the game. Coins are even more important than points, because you can use them in the transfer market. The points can only be used for FUT draft and buying packs. You know what I am talking about, using points for packs is a huge rip off. Inside the gold and special packs are mostly player contracts, fitness, badges and common average player. This isn’t what someone should get for his real money, don’t you think so? The problem is people spend lots of money just to get a better team for eventually winning the weekend league or FUT champions. Come on guys, if doesn’t have to be like this. The FIFA 18 Hack gives everyone the chance to get a great ultimate team, no matter how old you are, how much money you got or where you come from. Why is this game for a normal person so much harder than for a rich person? Because the rich can simply buy as much points as they want. They don’t care if they just spend $100 on points and got only bad player, they simply buy more points. This is a huge problem for the gaming experience of FUT 18. In our opinion everyone should have at least the same chance to get a good team.

fifa 18 coins and points generator

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The FIFA 18 coins hack is bringing equality and joy to the people, who are not willing to spend money on this game. We all know “pay-to-win” games are taking over these days. Also FIFA Ultimate Team became such a pay to win game, covered as free to play. Don’t be part of this and use the FIFA 18 coin generator. You can only win by using this FIFA 18 hack, because it is free and brings you unlimited free FIFA 18 coins and points. There is absolutely no reason for you to keep spending money on this game. Thousands of gamer are coming to this WEBSITE every single day, because they want the best player without to invest money in FUT. They all get them without having any risk of getting banned in the game. The FIFA 18 coins hack protects your account and your IP. They won’t even figure out the amount of points and coins changed on your account.


FIFA 18 free coins


You can also get free Coins and Points for FUT 19


Here is a list of the features:

  • unlimited free coins
  • unlimited free points
  • no need to download any file
  • works on PC, console, smartphone and tablet
  • works for Xbox Live, PSN, PC and other accounts
  • takes only two minutes until you see the results
  • choose the amount of coins and points you need
  • no limit of usage
  • generate it for other people as well
  • absolutely free to use


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