Since the last update of FIFA 19, more bugs have been added

First of all the good news; From now on your opponents in the Division Rivals won’t see when your club was founded and what your club’s name is. This makes sure that your opponents won’t abort the game anymore. Then there was a little bugfix, which took the nerve off one or the other player. The constant kickback to corners. Even Toprak or Otamendi scored such a goal after every corner. That’s the end of it now. In any case, the probability was reset. In addition there were further smaller improvements.


Bugs in Pro Club were not fixed, but made worse

Since the latest patch Pro Club has probably become unplayable. Some tweets of professional Pro Club players suggested that. So EA made sure that some of the players went crazy. Here is just a small example:


Gameplay has been made much slower

For more than a week now, it’s been most noticeable that the gameplay in Division Rivals has become much slower than it was a few weeks ago. That makes games especially boring. Players react slower, are less controllable, passes are slower to execute. There are no more surprises, everything is predictable – with the disadvantage that you can predict every move, but you can’t prevent them, because the players react much too slowly. Electronic Arts unfortunately couldn’t manage to create a balance. Again and again EA is criticized by the community because the gameplay changes from game to game. Sometimes everything is super slow, sometimes everything is balanced and sometimes very fast. These problems have only occurred since the last three versions of FIFA.

Again it happened that the gameplay was completely changed. With FIFA 18 it was already the case and now it is also the same with FIFA 19. So the question arises why EA doesn’t manage to bring a finished game onto the market.


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