This month we released two very popular sports games for iOS and Android. Here we show you what makes them so popular and what you can expect.

New big update for FIFA Mobile

EA Sports is entering the next round with FIFA 19 Mobile. In November the big update was released, which completely reworked the existing FIFA Mobile. A new design, a new engine and many more innovations are waiting for you. Of course Electronic Arts is only interested in how to sell the in-game currencies most effectively with FIFA 19 Mobile. With the update they have made the game even more “Pay-To-Win”. Unfortunately, there are very few games that can be found these days that somehow do without virtual currencies. Also with the big brother of the game “FIFA 19 Ultimate Team” there are the coins and points, which are very important in the game. FIFA 19 is the most popular game in Germany.

For all other fans we can recommend the FIFA 19 Mobile Hack, which not only gives you free coins, but also points. With just a few clicks you can decide for yourself how many items you would like to have. This has the big advantage that you can build a better team. This makes you much more competitive.

Who would have expected it? NBA 2k Mobile has been released

Basketball fans can finally download NBA 2K Mobile for free from the iOS and Android stores. The developers of Take Two have created a real alternative to NBA Live Mobile. NBA Live Mobile is like FIFA Mobile – the little brother of the big and popular console game. So if you like to play basketball on your smartphone or tablet, NBA 2K Mobile is a good game for you. In the near future some updates will be released to fix bugs and glitches. The microtransactions in NBA 2K Mobile are not as advanced as in FIFA Mobile or NBA Live Mobile, but there are coins in the game that make things much easier.

We therefore recommend our NBA 2K Mobile Hack Tool to get free coins. This is super fast and takes just a few minutes. You can decide for yourself how many coins you want.

We wish you a lot of fun!


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