The first working PS4 Emulator for your PC, Smartphone and Tablet! Download it for iOS, Android and every other device now!


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You are not able to spend money for a expensive Playstation 4, because you are just a student? Then you just found the PERFECT solution – the PS4 Emulator! I guess you also saw many people on YouTube which are playing PS4 games with their PC / Mac!


You are able to play Playstation 4 games with the PS4 Emulator. It is the one and only full working PS4 Emulator in the world. This is the ultimate answer to the question how you can play games without having an Playstation 4 console. This PS4 Emulator has been developed by some hardcore gamer and software engineers. You can play any Playstation game with the PS4 Emulator for iOS and Android. Just load the file of the game and start gaming.

The multiplayer online mode is available since a few weeks and it is working great if you have an working internet connection. Right now, there are about 30k player using the PS4 Emulator. Keep in mind that the Playstation 4 Emulator is undetectable and there is no risk for you of using it and playing the games on it.Many different settings are choose able, for example you can choose the best working resolution (depends on the game and your system) and you can also use cheat codes for several games without any effort of work.


You can use any controller for playing the games. Since the latest update you can also use Xbox Controller (just connect it with your PC or Mac). Our PS4 Emulator is configured so that you can get big performance boost by doing nothing. You can get 60 FPS most of the time, which is great. The Playstation 4 Emulator is a multi-platform project and many operating systems are supported. Our PS4 Emulator runs on Windows 7 (x86 and x64), Linux and Mac OS. Our Playstation 4 Emulator comes along with a big choice of features. For example you can records your gameplay. You can share your stats and gameplay on Facebook and YouTube. You can join parties and talk with other gamer and much more! There are many great games you can play with this Emulator. Check out the new FIFA 19.

You can save a running game at anytime you want (CTRL + S). Everything is easy to handle with the PS4 Emulator, but the best part is that the PS4 Emulator is completely for free. No monthly fee. No membership.


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