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SongPop 2 can be really fun, but to fully enjoy the game you have to be a VIP, otherwise you will be confronted with commercials and other things all the time. On Atari-Gamer today we show you how you can easily become a VIP at SongPop 2 without paying anything. You can also get as many free coins and other items as you want. To get to the Online Generator and Hack just click on the blue Online Hack button above and you’re ready to go.


VIP months are mandatory

Unfortunately, the entire game is designed so that sooner or later you should become a VIP and have to pay. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our SongPop 2 hack for iOS and Android works super easy and fast for your smartphone, tablet and PC. Just enter your username, how long you want to be a VIP and how many coins you want to have. Then click Generate below and the process starts. After a few seconds, the process is complete and you will receive the items or become a VIP. From time to time it can happen that you have to verify yourself as a human being. We therefore ask you to follow the instructions – don’t panic, everything should remain free.

songpop 2 hack

Can you be banned?

No, because our SongPop 2 generator is 100% secure. With proxies that update themselves every minute and are directly integrated into the hack, there is no risk of you being banned from the game. Hundreds of users visit Atari-Gamer every day and use our cheats and hacks for games like Clash Royale, FIFA 18 or Toon Blast. None of them have ever been banned or anything like that.

Use the SongPop 2 hack tool only for yourself

We ask for one thing: Please use the SongPop 2 hack apk only for yourself. Don’t sell accounts and please don’t sell coins or VIP. Only this way we can continue as before. Again: Please do not use our hack for commercial purposes, only for your own pleasure.


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