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Free RPG Day

Is coming up again, and was wondering if anyone had heard about any FLGS here in Vegas that will be offering it? Through the Free RPG Day website, there was not any listed! I hope at least one FLGS hosts this year.

This year's has swag from 


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Learning in the world of Diddorol, and something you didn't know about Anderson Cooper

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog - )

NPR has the story of Larry Graykin, a Language Arts teacher at Barrington Middle School who has developed a role-playing game that helps his students learn in an exploratory fashion. You can give it a listen here, and visit Mr. Graykin's Diddorol website…


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The Gygax biopic, and what I'm hoping it will do

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Michael Tresca at the Examiner has broken the news about the upcoming film on the life of Gary Gygax, and if you haven't already heard, here are the juiciest bits - George Strayton (scriptwriter for the Hercules and Xena TV shows and an animated Dragonlance feature) will…


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The Escapist Origins 2011 Report

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My Origins 2011 Report has been posted to the site and is ready for your perusal! Read all about it right here - and don't miss my Origins 2011 Photo Album.

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Yes, Girls Play D&D

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog - )

Jeff Woodall pointed me in the direction of these two videos about a Dungeon Master named David and his all-female group of players. The original, "Yes, Girls Play D&D" was made for a school project, and was aimed at people who know very little about the hobby. The second, "…


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Remnants of Satanic Panic

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog - )

Lately, I've been doing some research for the next Escapist video, "How Roleplaying Games Got a Bad Reputation," and going through some old anti-gaming books and videos. My oldest daughter Aylish caught me doing this, and told me how frustrated it made her to see people trying to feed others their own paranoid ignorance.

I gave her the good news - that for…


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The RPG Fact Checker

One of the projects I have been working on for the site for a very long time is a short PDF document aimed at anyone who is writing on the subject of tabletop roleplaying games without much prior knowledge of what they are and how they are played - something I call "The RPG Fact Checker." I'm hoping that such a thing would be a handy tool for any writer who has an honest desire to accurately write about the hobby, with some basic facts, refutations of common misconceptions, and links to more… Continue

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Castles and Cauldrons

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

Hooper from the Quilt City O.G.R.E.S. left a message on The Escapist's Facebook page yesterday to let me know about an unusual occurrence. Someone on the Focus on the Family forums expressed a concern about their children getting involved in role-playing games, and another forum user…


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Texas school board claims D&D club promotes "death and violence"

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

The school board of Taylor High School in Taylor, Texas made a proposition to end the schools Dungeons & Dragons club because they feel it is unwholesome - but the club's sponsor, Mr. Gray, has risen to the game's defense by pointing out the game's benefits:

Let’s be real. In the realm of sports and clubs that one could participate in, the…

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D&D helped accused murderer curb his violent impulses... or did it?

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

As I've mentioned many times before, I use Google Alerts to pick up stories in the media about D&D and other roleplaying games. Last week, something strange happened with my alerts. On March 23rd, it sent me an alert about Christopher Gribble, a participant in a horrible home invasion/murder incident that happened in October of 2009. The article from the New…


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Rescues & Role-playing

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

A little while ago, an Escapist reader named Jeff Woodall contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a piece on using role-playing to teach and reinforce lifeguarding skills. Naturally, I accepted, and here it is. Enjoy!

Rescues and Role-playing

By Jeff Woodall

Imagine this: a group of mothers decide to take their children to the swimming pool on a…


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The Dungeon Adventure - a great intro to RPGs for the little ones

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

The Dungeon Adventure, a simple dungeon crawling game created by Ben Garvey, and available for $5.99 at

The Dungeon Adventure is a set of guidelines for simple dungeon crawl games. Adults build a dungeon floorplan out of building blocks and stock it with monster and treasure…


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Read an RPG Book in Public Week 2011 Starts on Sunday!

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

Don't forget - the first Read an RPG Book in Public Week of 2011 starts this Sunday!*

What is Read an RPG Book in Public Week, you may ask? It's a thrice-yearly event, held during the weeks surrounding March 4th, July 27th, and…


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Help New Zealand with DriveThruRPG

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

DriveThruRPG has once again organized a humanitarian effort for people in great need, this time for the victims of the New Zealand earthquake. For a donation of $20, which will go directly to the Red Cross relief efforts in New Zealand, DTRPG is offering over $330 worth of great RPG PDFs, including Al Shir-Ma, Book of Knights, Ingenium, and Cthulhu Tech.…


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D&D represents "a threat to prison security"

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

You may remember a story I reported on about a year ago, in which a prison inmate named Kevin Singer claimed that his first amendment rights were violated when prison security confiscated his Dungeons & Dragons books. Prison officials claimed that the game was a threat to prison…


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D&D, Pacifism, and Pizza

D&D, Pacifism, and Pizza

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

Two great articles showed up in my email recently:

First, Sierra at the Strollerderby blog writes about kids and violent entertainment - and how a mom can enjoy being a pacifist and slaying dragons at the same time:

Last week I cut a dragon’s head off with my flaming sword. I am not even…

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The Escapist is 15!

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

Today marks the "unofficial" 15th birthday of my little ol' roleplaying advocacy website.

(I'm not entirely sure when I put up the first incarnation of "The Gaming Advocacy Website" (as it was called for the first few months), but it was sometime in December, so I figure the 15th is as good as any other day to mark the occasion.)

It's been a lot of fun debunking…


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Kindergarten "actively discourage(s) all role play"

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

It's another example of how Satanic Panic is still alive and well in some places: the principal of a kindergarten in Melbourne, Australia has not only banned role play among its students, he is encouraging parents of their students to back them up by doing the same at home.

A MELBOURNE kinder has banned children from Harry Potter, Pokemon and Power…

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Press release for the Escapist's fifteenth anniversary

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

The Escapist will be hitting the big one-five in just a few weeks, and I've whipped up a press release to help get the word out. Feel free to post it to your favorite roleplaying blogs, magazines, websites, forums, podcasts, YouTube channels, billboards, bus shelter signs, and those planes that pull those little banners around.

But that's not all! If you happen to be a…


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Video: Why RPGs Are Good For You

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -

Here's another video I have created for the Escapist's YouTube channel: "Why RPGs Are Good For You":

Feel free to link, repost, and mirror to your heart's content - just please leave the website information intact so viewers know where to go for more information.…


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